Day 184: Gave up on Dollar

 -$208.55 $1,685.59

I tried my best to hold my short dollar positions, but bad news from the Europe and Britain just kept driving the dollar higher and higher. Just goes to show that fundamentals aren’t the only driver in the market. Ask any fundamentalist and they would’ve claimed that a dove Fed with no rate hike would’ve made the dollar drop far and long. I was too eager and blinded by my ego that I disregarded all the important supports the currencies made.

I called it quits today on hoping for the dollar to reverse and continue to drop. I was not expecting such a rally to come after the Fed announcement. It stresses me out on how aggressive I was, instead of playing it smart. I once again learned my lesson and will be back to my normal day trading/scalping tomorrow. I’m keeping my head up and will use logic instead of being emotionally driven.


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