Day 189: Haven’t had the best trading days recently


My trades haven’t been doing so well recently and so is my trading psychology/confidence. I’ve been getting killed by the short USD/CAD call and things aren’t going too well. I’m actually contemplating whether or not I should take a break but that’s still up for decisions. I’ve been talking to other traders too and they have not been doing so well either. I guess it’s either a coincidence or the market is too wild right now to make any calls. Hopefully once the Fed’s reaches their decisions on this rate hike and when the global market settles down, trading will be much easier.

My account got drained recently with this USD/CAD short trade. Once it started to head down a bit, I stacked up on the shorts just to see it go right back up making new highs. I repositioned another short on top which I’ll hold overnight. I’m also in a long EUR/USD trade which gave me some profits this morning. The whole flow of the markets are changed from the summer and I guess I need to accustom to it. I’m sure October will treat me better.


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