Day 212: Hints of higher unemployment?


Today was a very slow day which means a very tricky trading scenario. I had a very successful Friday and spent a little money over the weekend for Halloween so all I had in my mind was money, money, money. Impatience and greed doesn’t really mix well with slow markets. The markets kept taking me out as I tried to pick a position during the low liquidity. I was eventually burnt out and left with many small losses.

Let’s recap what happened last Friday. The dollar plummeted down but ended the day with a good bounce back up. Today morning, the dollar was bear again during London. I thought the bears would continue over the NY session, but I couldn’t really catch a good move down. I ended up switching between bull and bears and ultimately ended up losing for the day. I’m currently in an short AUD/USD after the banks have called a hold for rate cut. Hopefully I can wake up to a profit and dampen today’s losses.


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