Day 228: Turkey Trouble

Profit: -$9.59 Total: $895.99

There’s some tension stirring up in Turkey, the country, between Russia. The latter country flew a plane beyond it’s limits into Turkey’s territory which eventually got shot down after multiple warnings. Putin’s definitely the last person you would want to upset and shooting down his plane and pilots is an easy way to do it. NATO is involved to keep things calm and there are extreme talks for for a possible WWIII. How will this affect the markets? Keep an eye out for Oil. The U.S stock market had a good bounce, and the dollar had not much affect today. Although a WWIII is jumping the gun too quick, I can see how this small problem can potentially escalade into something ugly.

I recovered a good amount of losses from my account from the dollar post FOMC reversal. Nothing interesting happened today expect for the GBP/USD further dropping. I’m still very bull dollar, but I’m expecting the markets to be pretty calm until the end of this week. Another thought that comes to mind is if current global tensions can halt our expected rate hike. So as global tension rises, it does affect my outlooks on the bull dollar…


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