Day 229: Dollar slacking before the Holiday

Profit: $0.50 Total: $896.49

The dollar decided to take an early slack before Thanksgiving. The dollar been putting in work during London, which I’m regretting because I missed a shorting opportunity for EUR/USD. Although now that dollar is pulling back, it gives an opportunity to short the pair at a better price, however, it’s near such a big support. I’m not sure if it can break though lower without any news. Even though this goes against major macro economics right now, I think at a technical point, I’ll be long dollar for a short term; but my stance can quickly change.

I missed the EUR/USD short during London so I tried to short it again during NY with no luck. I made up my lost profit by shorting the dollar, which felt weird. I’m not even going to attempt trading in the afternoon today due to low liquidates. For now, I’m going to see how far the EUR/USD retraces, and see ultimately how long the pullback will last.

Check out the 2 year low EUR/USD is near. I’m not sure if it can break without a catalyst.

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 12.56.40 PM.png


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