Day 240: Brace yourself, FOMC is coming

Profit: -$137.71 $539.32

My short GU trade that I posted on Friday was a success! Unfortunately, I couldn’t make enough profit to make back my losses from my stupid NZD/USD short trade last week. Due to my idiotic trading during high volatility, I will stay very cautious this week and may not even trade at all. FOMC is less than 2 days away and this falling dollar is worrying me. Right now my predictions is a 0.25 basis point increase but with a dovish statement. If I do trade during this week, it’ll be quick scalps.

My short from last week is really hurting me. Although the RBNZ cut their rates, the currency still rallied. I got burned and I know better not trade during those high volume sessions. In the past, I loved trading during high volatility such as the payroll datas, but I finally learned my lesson. This week I’ll be very cautious and will be in and out of my trades.


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