Day 241: Flying Dollar

Profit: $9.40 $548.72

This was the type of movement I was expecting late last week and Monday! I wanted to see the Dollar get excited for the up coming rate hike and soar through the moving averages. I was surprised to see the Dollar find such monstrous strength today with the bulls so quite this month. I’m going to stop trading early and may not even trade tomorrow. Volatility is a scary double edged sword.

I closed out my GU short trade way to early this morning which  left some (a lot) of pips on the table. I was not expecting the Dollar to fly this strong nor expected the Pound to give in so quick. The market is definitely excited for tomorrow’s potential rate hike. Although I may not trade tomorrow, I’m so excited to see how the market reacts. Make sure to pay extra detail to the FOMC statement.

There she goes. One of the worst feeling in trading, other than losing, is closing out your position too early.

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 11.07.11 AM


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