Day 247: Crazy start to the New Year

Profit: $3.02 Total: $561.23

The new year started off with a big bang. Chinese’s poor PMI number caused it’s equity market to have a huge sell off; a -7% huge sell off. Once NY opened, the markets were vibrant as fears and chaos took control. To add to the fuel, Saudi and Iran news to cut ties gave Oil a lift. The result was a rise Gold, Dollar, and the Yen ,and a sell off party in most of the global equities market.

I was very surprised and happy to see the Dollar find it’s mojo back. All December I was hoping the Dollar to bounce back and the EUR/USD to fall. I think today’s rise in Dollar is here to stay. Statistically, January is usually a good month for the Dollar over the past few years. I’ll be looking to long dollar and see if this is a lasting trend.


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