Day 258: Hold Hold Hold


I didn’t actively trade today however, it doesn’t mean it wasn’t a stressful day. Unfortunately my NZD/JPY got killed overnight when the CPI data for New Zealand came out bad, my stop loss got hit. I lost about $40 in that trade, but what frustrated me more was how price rebounded after NY session after hitting my SL. I even gave my stop loss some breathing room too… BS.

One other trade I was stressed about was my short GBP/AUD trade. My greed got to me and told me to hold it overnight instead of cashing it in for a small profit. Unfortunately, New Zealand’s weight affected the Australian dollar and brought it down as well. For London’s and NY’s session, the pound gained strength and my pair was going against me. However, I held and held and right toward the end of NY session, the Aussie gained strength. After Carney’s dovish rhetoric and Gold prices rising, I’ll be holding onto my shorts for sure.

See the sudden rebound on the GBP/AUD? The feeling of price going against you is one of the worst feelings in the world.

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 9.17.36 PM.png


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