Day 289: Chasing price

Profit: -$6.61 Total: $572.44

The dollar continued to fall, if you were short dollar on any pair, you would’ve made money. I wasn’t too excited to get in on a short dollar trade because I thought the party was too late. Tomorrow is NFP day and it may be a make it or break it moment for dollar. If it does come out very short, I can see the dollar continuing to fall. I’m ready and excited.

I got decent profits in except I kept trying to chase price on my most hated pair, GBP/NZD. There are many reason I hate this pair, horrible spreads, unpredictable movements, and did I mention the expensive spread? I kept chasing the price to long GBP/NZD although my positions got stopped out multiple times. I eventually lost my profits and then lost some more capital. It was my fault for chasing price. Moral of the story, if you keep losing on a pair, screw it and move on.


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