Day 290: An alright NFP

Profit: $14.72 Total: $587.16

Today was an alright NFP day. Dollar Continued to get hammered despite a positive data of 242k vs 195k. It was fun to see the EUR/USD shorters when the data initially came out, only to see them get wiped out when dollar fell hard minutes after. Funny if I was the same self a couple months ago, I would be one of those suckers who shorted EU.

I’m glad to see how far I came in my trading journey and ended positively on a NFP day. My only complaint was how dollar didn’t break support and had an undramatic bounce. I caught a nice NZD/JPY break out when dollar pairs got boring to scalp. Next week I’ll be looking to see if dollar breaks 12040’s support or bounce back.

Check out this NZD/JPY break out.


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