Day 291: New work station!

Profit:$ 30.74 Deposited: $600 Total: $1,217.90

I finally built my computer from scratch and got all my monitors working. Truth is, I finished the build about 2 weeks ago, just never really finished and got around taking the picture. My trades are progressing and my work station is a big improvement from my old 2012 Macbook pro. This was my first time building a computer and here are the specs: . The computer works great and I couldn’t be happier switching to windows. I matched my current capital and deposited another $600. This is definitely another huge milestone in my Forex journey.

Had a lot of fun this Monday morning. Things got wild real quick as dollar made new lows. I was fortunate enough to catch a GBP/USD long as well with a long GBP/JPY. I’ve been loving my long gbp trades. Oil also rallied which brough it do another resistance zone. I’ll be looking to long USD/CAD in the hopes that oil falls and will see where the dollar is going to go.



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