Day 293: The big NZD short

Profit: -$5.49 Total: $1,225.48

Crazy, crazy day today. Markets were lively from GBP, USD, CAD, OIL, and NZD data. Many traders don’t really like trading during high volatility but I prefer chaos over boring, slow movements. Granted, I got beat up by the markets and quickly found myself in a deep -100 pip P/L. I didn’t really care about my losses because I knew it was still early and lively to earn back my losses.

My greatest trade/analysis for this year so far was this amazing NZD/CAD short. I don’t normally trade this pair but exotics has never stopped me. If technical analysis/fundamentals match up, I don’t discriminate on a pair. I decided to get out early due to NZD news, however, if I stayed in could’ve been a great day. The bank of New Zealand shocked the market with a rate cut of 0.25%. This was the result.

No need for a description. Trading can be very easy.



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