Day 299: Dollar finally bounces

Profit: $0.24 Total: $1,284.15

The dollar finally had a handsome bounce today, a move I was waiting for in the past two days. As stated in my previous post, I’m still bullish on the dollar despite this massive drop. This correction seems only normal but in the future I can see the dollar breaking new highs. I just have to be patient and wait for a reaction instead of attempting to predict future moves.

I told myself yesterday that I was going to short the EUR/USD, but instead I got impatient and longed it overnight. I got hit with a series of bad trades from pulling the trigger too early. I knew deep down inside the dollar was due for a bounce, but in the split moment at 12 am in the morning, the dollar looked bear. Fortunately I was able to make back my money by longing the dollar through out NY session. Glad to end with a positive note. This week was a sloppy week for me. Time to focus.


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