Day 302: Terror attack affecting the markets

Profit: $10.12 Total: $1,301.49

The euro and oil both had a down day today. It may or may not have been due to the recent terror attack in Brussels or just a coincidence. I’m thinking the latter because there was no immediate affect on the markets yesterday. The fall in oil was probably due to a high inventory number and the fall in euro was due to dollar buying. It’s great to see the markets unaffected by terror attacks. Shows that investors are still calm and aren’t acting on impulses.

I had the pleasure of riding the dollar bulls throughout NY session. I caught some EUR/USD shorts along with some USD/JPY longs. On top of that, I traded some NZD/CAD after the high oil inventory count. Reason I chose NZD/CAD was because of technicals. I personally think it may be too late to long dollar here, I’m expecting a pullback near the 12030’s region.


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