Day 309: Busy week

$0 Total: $1,618.64

I was looking at my charts on Sunday evening and saw that the dollar was at a potential buy point. During London session on the following Monday showed the dollar was having a nice bullish run up. When I was finally awake to conquer NY Monday session, I was a bit disappointed to see the bulls losing strength. I guess it’s not the right time to buy dollar yet. This week should present some great trades within the dollar, especially the EUR/USD. There’s a FOMC meeting, and a speech from not only Yellen but Draghi as well. I’m hoping we can catch some short EUR/USD and ride it down smoothly.

Despite the disappointing dollar, my trades today were still pretty decent. I’m glad I got in short AUD/JPY as well as AUD/USD because the AUD is having a falling before it’s Bank rate statement due at 12:30 a.m. I’m planning to ride my pairs through the news because of the great entry I scored. Stop losses are tight for obvious reason and let’s see how low this one goes.


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