Day 311: Digging myself a deeper grave

$0 Total: $1,618.64

Dammit, I’ve been having such a nice winning streak since the new year and now I find myself digging into a deeper grave. Ever since the NFP last Friday, I’v been confused about the dollar. FOMC and BOJ happened today but the events did not seem to give strength to dollar or the USD/JPY. The BOJ announced they will intervene and will take additional steps in the FX markets if necessarily, but we do not know the exact USD/JPY threshold. I’m hoping Draghi can give the EUR/USD a spark to the short side tomorrow, if the dollar can’t catch a break after Draghi, I’ll close all my trades and sit out for a bit.

I’m sitting around deciding to change my dollar bull outlook but I also feel very uncomfortable shorting it. The biggest losers right now is longing the USD/JPY and shorting the EUR/USD. It’s driving me crazy. I’ll be holding it for a bit longer but I might just tap out soon. I forget how easy it is to lose money in this field of work.



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