Day 312: Self reflection

Profit: -$158.32 Total: $1,460.32

The dollar finally had a bounce today in London’s session but things are still a bit shaky. BOJ and Draghi surprisingly did not affect the markets as I thought they would. There was no signs of a specific USD/JPY rescue by the BOJ nor a extreme dovish rhetoric by Draghi. I have a feeling these central bankers do not like the Fed’s dovish stance and this is all part of the currency wars.

This whole week was a very messy and sloppy week for me. I was too closed minded on the dollar’s bullish direction, which I was wrong, and continued to get slaughter by picking USD/JPY bottom and EUR/USD top. I haven’t had a big losing day like this week in a while. I caught myself almost forgetting how to lose and I had a realization that I was bringing back the old habits from my earlier rouge trading days. After writing yesterday’s post, I had a period of self reflection and closed out all my trades. I opened up a brand new chart, cleared my mind and was able to recoup some of my losses during London. During a heated moment in trading, self reflection is key. Check yourself before you wreck yourself.


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