Day 340: Fear will make you miss

Profit: $0.42 Total: $1.260.92

The Fed’s have been recently teasing the market with their rate hikes. Instead of providing black and white answers, the Feds has been playing around with their words and delivery. The dollar had a bad start in NY open as it was helplessly falling, but eventually found support when FOMC members Lockhard and Williams stated that June is still a live meeting. I know the market isn’t really anticipating a June hike, but  I guess there still is a chance.

I missed my entry to long USD/CHF due to fear. The NY session opened up with the dollar continuing to go down. I had opened a EUR/USD short trade I closed a bit too early because it looked like there was no support for the dollar. Eventually there was a bounce and the dollar almost finished the session as the strongest currency. I’m letting fear and emotions dictate my trading. I have to stick with my strategy.

This is the long USD/CHF I would’ve made but missed due to fear. As soon as that doji formed on the support line, I should’ve longed it.



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