Day 354: Fat finger trade?

Profit: $3.72 Total: $1,269.92

On yesterday’s post, I was predicting that the pound would head lower. The prediction was correct, however, my trades were left with minimal profit possibility due to a fat-finger trade. A fat-finger trade is basically an a keyboard error when an order is placed incorrectly whether it be the wrong size, time or any human error. In time of low liquidity, this can cause prices to move unexpectedly, such as yesterday when the GBP/USD soared 1% during the Asia session. Both of my trades were hit with stop losses as pound continued to head lower after it’s spike.

Although the pound incident was unfortunate, I did have some short pound scalps for NY. I was intending to hold onto my long EUR/GBP and short GBP/USD, which would’ve yielded handsome profits, but shit happens. Regardless it was still a profitable ending for me. At the end of the day, I’m still somewhat happy.


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