Day 365: Incoming votes

Profit: $53.21 Total: $1,340.74

It’s night time in London and votes are slowly coming in from 382 different regions. What a monumental day considering it’s my 1 year anniversary for this blog! Back to the Brexit news, the markets are going crazy. The pound had a killer rally during NY in allude to a strong remain vote to win, however, once NY closed and live votes started to come in with a leave lead, the pound quickly gave up those gains. It’s still very early with the voting but as of now, the leave vote is surprising leading. It’s surprising to see the underdog, leave, vote to lead so early but in the end of the day, it’s the total count of votes that matter.

I had a terrible start of the day when my long USD/JPY got stopped out early before it’s rally. Shaking off the loss, I was able to quickly scalp long GBP/JPY and also long USD/JPY. Hedge funds and financial investors were betting on the remain vote to win and I decided to follow the momentum. As of now, the votes are still very close but the leave side is continuing to lead. It’s a very interesting night indeed and I’ll probably end up doing an all-nighter. Cheers to day 365, I’m proud of surviving this long and I hope to continue this blog for a while.


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