Day 371: 4th of July weekend!

Profit: -$1.65 Total: $1,299.40

It’ll be a short week due to 4th of July on Monday. Canada day was also today which gives a lot of people to celebrate and relax for this weekend. It sure was a crazy trading week from equities to commodities and ultimately in Forex. NY’s session had decent volume, a lot more than I expect, however, dollar bulls still did not have enough power to bring the euro and pound down. In bigger picture, everything is still pretty much in range ever since the Brexit debacle. Hopefully by next week things will start moving out of range.

Things were pretty choppy for NY’s session which ultimately led to a break even day. I wish the market chooses a direction it wants to go and break out of this macro range. Hope everyone a great 4th of July weekend and let’s see if EUR/USD or GBP/USD make new lows for the coming week.


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