Day 373: Anti-climatic

Profit: $10.44 Total: $1,306.42

FOMC minutes meeting was released and it shows that the Feds are just as helpless as the rest of us. Brexit has thrown their plans into a halt and left the group scratching their heads. The Feds are definitely worried about Brexit and it’s potential to create market turbulence. They stated that it would increase financial risks if they delayed hiking rates, however, an intimidate hike can also generate instability. As of now, the Feds want to see more incoming data and decide later. There was no hints on their future plans.

I had most of my gains longing AUD/USD and AUD/JPY. There was no real reason for the Aussie dollar to go up, but I took full advantage of the momentum. The FOMC minutes meeting was very anti-climatic and didn’t move the markets much. The Feds were pretty good at keeping their next moves a mystery. There’s speculation that June’s jobs report would be a good report which would be great for the dollar. I’m keeping my eyes out on USD/JPY hoping it can recover by the next BOJ meeting.


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