Day 395: Messy NFP

Profit: -$16.16 Total: $1,176.22

The dollar took off today when NFP came out high of 255k vs 180k estimate! You know how strong the dollar was when AUD/USD started to break supports. The AUD was a strong currency these past couple days despite it’s rate hike. The EUR/USD and GBP/USD also came dropping but was followed by a retracement in the evening. Some are saying this might be the bottom of GBP/USD since a hike was already done and Carney wasn’t too dovish in his speech. But, I’m hoping the dollar bulls can take control again next week and create new lows for the pairs.

I had a pretty messy NFP trading day. Things were good in the beginning when I was riding the dollar bull wave but got too greedy during the pullbacks. I didn’t really think dollar will find bottom so fast but got too cocky and added too many positions too quick. I need to stay focused and need to learn how to love losing trades. Once a trader starts to love losing, he won’t be fearful to exit a bad trade.


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