Day 419: Dam it

Profit: -$18.99 Total: $1,089.28

London’s highlight was the fall of the pound due to it’s poor CPI data of 0.6% vs 0.7%. It continued to dip during NY and still looks quite bearish. Dollar was able to find some strength today but it still ultimately relies on the Fed’s sentiment on it’s hike.

Today was a huge screw up for me because I had the right trade in mind, I just didn’t execute it well. For starters, my short NZD/CAD (which would’ve been positive) got stopped out by a hair overnight. Due to a losing trade, I canceled all my pending orders for the shorts and focused on dollar trades instead. When NZD/CAD continued to fall I panicked and missed most of the moves. It was a big mess. I need to learn how to follow through with my plans even when I do have a loss.

Not sure if you guys can read my analysis, but had everything planned out for a short move..



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