Day 420: Big news data incoming

Profit: -$3.97 Total: $1,085.31

The dollar wasn’t too strong at all today which means the market are still skeptics on the Feds. The stock markets and oil also had a slumping day which was interesting because oil rigs came out bullish. Tomorrow is going to be much more action packed due to GBP bank news along with some juicy US data. Although it’s a Chinese holiday this week, it should be a good day for the markets in terms of volume.

I didn’t really trade much because the markets were behaving pretty weird. One pair I got discouraged to trade was the GBP/NZD. It’s a pair with one of the highest spreads that moves a lot, so a losing pair isn’t too forgiving. I missed out on the breakout rally which led me to make messy trades. I was profitable for a while and I eventually gave back all my gains.


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