Day 437: Dollar rallys

Profit: $9.03 Total: $1,009.27

Dollar disregarded the employment data that came out short of 156k vs 171k. The big movers were Gold, S&P 500, AUD, and NZD. The markets showed that even with a disappointing employment data, Fed rate hike was most likely still going to happen. The heart of NY session consisted of Dollar’s strong rally which soon faded in the afternoon.

I ended up trading a bit late after all the noises from the NFP data settled in. My main trades were shorting the GBP/USD from the top and catching some of the NZD/USD shorts. I expected GBP/USD to fall more than it did and I totally underestimated NZD/USD fall. It was a very interesting NFP day and was glad to see the dollar still strong after a disappointing data. Next week should be fun to trade as well.


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