Day 459: You can’t believe what you see

Profit: $2.25 Total: $938.13

If 2016 has taught us anything, it showed the world that we can’t believe everything we see. We saw a surprise Brexit vote win when the media portrayed it unlikely, and yesterday we witness Trump win the election thinking Hillary will most likely become the next President. The financial market was extreme unbalanced as Trump’s votes were coming in because it stabilized on a win for Hillary. Fortunately enough, there was a bounce in the equity, the dollar did not heavily sell off, and the immediate reaction were not as bad as everyone thought. Risk is still going to be high in the near term future so we can’t completely dismiss today’s knee-jerk reaction and think everything’s safe now.

I personally was completely shocked to see Trump winning as the president elect. I was even more shock to see the Dow fall 800 points only to close higher of 4% gains in the end of NY session. Yen, the safe haven currency, had an unexpected selloff after the initial shock and the dollar closed sessions off strong. My predictions of a Trump win were off, however, I did manage to get a couple scalps in. Many traders took an advantage of this high volatility market, and many stayed away. I had a really great session and then lost most of it thinking yen will be re-bought again. I’m very eager to see how the markets will react this finishing week.


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