Day 473: Dollar in wonky mode

Profit: -$18.48 Total: $881.30

The dollar is in a wonky mode where it’s being heavily sold one day and then heavily bought the other. Tomorrow’s the NFP jobs number which may shed more light where this dollar will go. Right now the USDOLLAR index is still under the resistance (posted the chart a couple days ago) and looks like it’s coiling up for either a pullback or a breakthrough.

Had a couple losing trades yesterday due to me being impatient and trying to force trades in a standstill market. Today was much better because I was able to recover some of my losses, however, one bad mistake I made was closing out my winning AUD/CAD short trade too early. I held it overnight which didn’t even move. During late London, I got impatient and closed it out in fear to end the trades in a small profit…


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