Day 511: Crazy Monday opening

Profit: -$22.72 Total: $736.07

The equities market started out with a huge downward snap, Yen shot up high, and the Vix  was originally up about 6% for the day. London was hectic with the dollar surging high however, everything reversed during NY. It was a very strange reversal and traders suspected the crazy opening from Trump’s immigration ban over the weekend. It’s no surprise that the executive order sent shock waves through the markets.

Price action was crazy during London and during fast moving times like today, I always panic. I end up closing my profitable trade early, I tend to chase prices, and I’m trade very emotionally. I made an enormous amount of mistake today that I’m very disappointed in. I’m not too comfortable with scalping during high volume times like this so maybe it’s even best that I sit out during high-tide.


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