Day 537: Where you going Dollar

Profit: -$7.69 Total: $662.08

I missed out on trading during NFP due to a mini vacation but was surprised to see the dollar sell off after a great employment data. Employment data was great but dollar sold off. Perhaps it’s the investors thinking dollar is overbought regardless of the possible rate hikes, but I still think selling dollar is still premature. Price was a bit normal today with dollar getting bought, especially with the AUD/USD and NZD/USD pairs but still too early. Price is in a deciding range.

My scalps in London and NY were a bit messy and I only had one really great trade today in long EUR/USD. A reversal short would’ve been nice but price action was too erratic for me to pull the trigger. Check this trade out.

I longed it at the orange bottom channel and road it up to the 1:1 box clone. A short at the end of the clone would’ve been a nice ride, but I regret not taking it. 


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