Day 556: Chaos in Syria

Profit: -$3.21 Total: $601.29

Things are getting crazy in the Syria with U.S’s response to their chemical attack on Thursday. In about just 63 hours after the attack, Trump decided to strike Syria with 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles on their airbase. Although our meeting with China today went pretty well, the future can get scary if Russia, Syria, or China disapproves of U.S’s strike. The markets were pretty stable despite an unexpected attack, in fact, the dollar appreciated quite nicely despite a bad employment number. We had 98K jobs vs 174k estimated, which is pretty low. Not sure if dollar will feel the impact next week or if it’ll shrug it off.

I couldn’t get any trades in because of a wacky price action after employment data. Price was pretty slow after it’s initial chainsaw whip, and then suddenly woke up and snapped around noon. I wasn’t able to catch the big move and was afraid of getting in a new in a late Friday afternoon. This week wasn’t too bad despite yesterday’s mistakes, I’ll be sure to make next week better.



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