Day 511: Tight range day

Profit: -$7.25 Total: $346.03

I was expecting to see some dollar recovery with the opening week but had no luck. Overall, the market was very boring and was stuck in a tight range. Dollar doesn’t look too good and EUR/USD is on it’s way to recovery before the U.S employment news.


Day 510: NFP brings dollar up!

Profit: -$9.91 Total: $353.28

It was such a messy unemployment day. I was sleep deprived for London and knew I didn’t want to trade during data release so I slept in until the chaos settled. After oversleeping, I woke up to a crazy market and missed the entire drop on the EUR/USD. I tried my best to long scalp the dollar but price didn’t really go up for EUR/USD. GBP/USD had a better short opportunity but I was too focused on EUR/USD. Unlucky day. I except the dollar to bounce a bit more but so far EUR/USD is recovering it’s drop.