Day 550: Not looking so good


Still holding onto my dollar trades and it’s not looking so pretty. My EUR/USD shorts already got stopped out but I’m still keeping my USD/JPY longs on hold. The dollar managed to recover slightly today but things are still very slow. Tomorrow’s FOMC minutes meeting and although I feel apprehensive holding onto trades before the big news event, I feel like the FOMC minutes can give the dollar an upward push it needs.

Day 548: Dollar deep pullback


The NFP data showed that the U.S lost 33,000 jobs this month but many are speculating that it’s due to seasonal job changes along with the major hurricane interruptions. The dollar initially took this news well and even had a small jump off of it. Eventually when things settled out, the dollar spent the remaining of NY to pull back. This pull back is not only healthy but natural. The dollar has been rallying for weeks and it’s about time it took a pause. I had some early dollar long trades mid NY session which I will hold. I believe the dollar pullback will attract more buyers at better price and go for another leg up.

Day 547: Will the Hurricanes effect the NFP?

Profit: $8.10 Total: $331.66

It was another win today by the Dollar bulls. The rally is still alive even before the NFP. One topic of tomorrow’s number is that if the recent devastating hurricanes will have a major effect on the payroll data or not. There were multiple hurricanes in the end of September which created chaos within the labor market. It would be interesting to see how big of an impact the hurricanes had. I still think it looks bright for the dollar bulls as long as the NFP data comes out horrible.

Day 546: Yellen tease

Profit: $6.21 Total: $323.56

There were some majors news events scheduled for the afternoon for Draghi and Yellen to speak. A lot of traders were expecting some crazy movements but ultimately the two spokesmen said nothing to change any price action. I was afraid the dollar bulls were going to lose their battle but the bulls still look very juicy. I want to take some dollar long trades overnight but the momentum is still not there. I feel like the markets are gearing up for another dollar push, I may or may not decide to enter in some dollar long trades overnight regardless of the low momentum.

Day 544: Sleeper Mondays

Profit: -$1.52 Total: $317.77

I opened up the charts a bit NY opening and looked pretty clear to me that the dollar was still bullish. Throughout the day I took trades to scalp long dollar but things were just not moving in the right direction. Not sure if it was because it’s the beginning of the month but things were really slow for today. I had some rough scalping losses which made me hold onto some of my long dollar trades. I ended up taking profits during Asia where I was able to recoup most of my losses. Remember, if the market’s not moving, sometimes it’s better to just hold.

Day 543: Mixed signals

Profit: $3.78 Total: $319.29

A lot of mixed messages within the dollar pairs today. It looked like the dollar was starting off strong at start ,then had a dip which eventually plateaued in the end. It’s pretty usual for Friday’s to be wonky, especially for the last trading day of the month. My usually strategy for days like these are to get my pips and run.

Day 542: Good things always come to an end

Profit: $0.71 Total: $315.51

Today was a boring day to trade in the Forex market because the dollar bull rally had a small halt. It was interesting because although the dollar bulls had a break to breathe, it seemed like the dollar “pullback” was very forced. The bulls were definitely stubborn to keep the dollar going but was just out of momentum. This still shows bullishness in the dollar but also showed that there aren’t a lot of dollar buying compared to the beginning of the week. Excited to see how the dollar will end tomorrow, hopefully it can make new highs.

Day 541: Long dollar

Profit: $7.55 Total: $314.80

Today was a funny day because the dollar started off really strong, and even had a rally after core durable goods orders came out as expected. I was able to long dollar against yen and the peso but had to take profits off quick because dollar pullback back and stagnated until late afternoon. I took some small scalps here and there but closed them out because market wasn’t moving much. I have a small USD/JPY and USD/MXN long that I’ll hold overnight because they still showed signs of bullishness post NY session. Dollar still looks very bull.